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    Hey everyone, currently driving a Toyota Yaris T Sport, 1.5 VVT-i, around 120bhp, up from 105 standard, not massive, but the car is very nippy indeed.

    Thinking of picking up a Accord later this year, so thought i'd join the forum early to get a few idea's of how these cars can be modified.

    Is there a specific area were I can see pictures/tech specs of members Accords?


  2. Hi Sean and welcome to AOC.

    If you look in the Blogs and the 7th and 8th Generation Accord sub forums you'll find details and pics of some members cars.

    If you're looking for performance over economy the options are probably to either go for a 2.4 petrol or get a 2.2 diesel and have it re-mapped. They drive and handle differently though so it would depend on personal preference.

    There is a lot of scope for other mods as you'll see from the forum.
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    I've drove a 2008 I-CDTI Sport, my Uncle has one. Very quick car, really pulls well. It's the fully equipped one, Satnav etc, that's probably what i'd want in terms of spec. Not sure on petrol or diesel as yet.

    Struggling to find any 'members projects' with pictures.

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    United Kingdom Brum
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    hello and welcome.. i think i can welcome you.. me a newbie too here.. :Grin:
    if economy is not what you looking for then get the type-s.. they are :tut: awesome.. :Grin:
    or if you wanna go all out get a CL9 Euro R.. they are .. yikes.. quick and fun..and get some coilovers with EDFC.. :Grin: thas my plan on my 2.2 diesel... but in time.. not any time soon..
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    Welcome to AOC. You;ve made a good choice if you chose an Accord. Brilliant cars!
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    Hello and welcome to the forum buddy.

    As for modding so far noone does it better than the americans, those guys are crazy and build even crazier cars. Our Accords are available over there only in the 2.4 CL9 format but its under the luxury Acura brand and the model of the car is a TSX. So the best place to see wild modded TSX's is at the tsxclub. They have a wheel gallery and a suspension gallery where people show off their setups. That can really give you a good idea of what can be done.

    The gallery is good too and plenty people show their worth there too:

    1st Generation - Image Gallery - Acura TSX Club : Acura TSX Forum

    There's also a project build section where people show a timeline of what they've done so theres a lot of pics to look at

    Have fun :cool:
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    Hi and welcome Sean . Being a 2.4 Type-S owner I can only point you in one direction SSSSSSS