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    Names John, stay in east lothian, scotland, Found the site on google. new to honda's, have had my 1.8 sport since january and now needing to sort some stuff out on it. Been around the vauxhall scene for many years before moving onto modifying and building 4x4's and now onto the honda. When not around the car spend most of my other time in a tractor so the good summer months when the weather is good (ha ha) i'm out all hours of the day with the combine.
    Anyway rattling on, Good to find a site as said before have a fair bit to start doing to the accord to get it to how i want it.
  2. Hi and welcome, lovely part of the world, spent many happy summer holidays there as a kid near Dirleton and those golden fields.

    Look forward to hearing about your plans for the car and how they progress.
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    Welcome to John AOC :Hey:, I would love to see your modification and modified cars.

    BTW the stickers will be in the post tomorrow sending you a few :Wink:
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    IchibanAccord. Attached pic is the last 4x4 i built. Wheels and tyres cost £1000 alone. This was it about 80% complete

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    Hi. and welcome.
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    Welcome to AOC, Farmer.

    Please do keep us updated with your projects :Smile:
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.