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    Heya guys,

    This is me, my nickname being directly inspirational from the car colour, and I was doing a bit of browsing looking for a good forum with advice and found what I have thus far, seen as one of the best informative and easiest to navigate forums out there.

    I used to work on cars for most of my 34 years, saw my way through university by fixing other peoples cars as well as fixing up written off cars including painting and bodywork. Havent really worked on cars for a while now due to young kids and a hectic work schedule. Driving a nice 2006 2.2 CDTi Sport, (7th Generation I believe if im not mistaken??) as its second owner with FSHH which is our family car. Apart from which, new cars kinda scare me a bit in the sense of where 10 years ago, they were so much simplier to work on and as I have been out of touch with it for a while now, its a bit daunting, especially as I don't know diesel engines very well and grew up adjusting points and dizzy caps.

    Anyways, due to the age of the car now, and the fact that Im not planning on selling it soon, Im contemplating just servicing it myselfas by the time I do sell it, the service history won't mean that much and as I have only ever owned Japanese cars, (admittedly, this being my first Honda as I have always stuck with Toyotas, but the recent ones are horrid) I know reliability isnt going to be an issue.

    Prepare for many a silly question about seemingly basic tasks as the only thing I have done on my car in the few years I have owned it is basic oil and air filer changes plus replacing all the discs and pads which were also nice and simple to replace.
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  2. Hi and welcome to AOC.

    It's great to hear from a new member who obviously appreciates quality cars and looks after them.

    There are one or two issues with the diesels which you will see on the 7th generation forum but careful owners can get 200k+ miles relatively trouble-free service from their i-CDTIs especially with frequent oil changes.
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    Hello and welcome
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    Hello and welcome AOC
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    Hi and welcome to AOC! Glad you like the forum and thanks for your kind comments.
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    Welcome to AOC buddy
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    Welcome to the forum mate.
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    Hi and welcome. Don't think Arctic Blue Pearl is as good as Nighthawk ha ha ha
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    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone
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    welcome aboard buddy. Im new on here aswell, very helpful people on here thats for sure!!