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    Just a quick introduction.

    I`ve just signed up, I`m on my 4th Honda, my second Accord so thought I`d sign up.

    I`ve previously owned the following Hondas, as well as some German stuff.
    2.4 Accord Tourer EX, 2003
    FR-V 2.2 ES 2007
    CR-V 2.2 EX 2007
    and now my 2009 Accord ES GT Tourer.

    It`s good to be back in the Accord after the CR-V, the CR-V was OK but was only bought because we thought the 8th Generation Tourer wasn`t big enough for us. Anyway after realising that we rarely actually use the entire space I started to look for an Accord.

    The Accord drives and rides a lot better than our CR-V, in fact the only thing I miss about the CR-V is the glass roof.

    I look forward to learning about the 8th Generation.

    Cheers, Si
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Welcome Si.

    Welcome back to an Accord TBH its good your 8th Generation does not have a sunroof as it tends to rust in 2-3 years. Its a known issue with the 8th Generation Ex and Type-S models.
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    Hi and welcome to AOC let see some pics of the new motor when you have a mo
  4. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    Welcome to AOC Si.

    Good to see another true Honda fan join up :Smile: :Thumbup: