Electrical & Lights Hello, and a couple of questions

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    Hi folks - first time posting here!

    I have a 1.8 (1,799) 2008 petrol FR-V automatic. EX model with leather, heated seats, etc. Great car and I'm really pleased (apart from fuel consumption - 9.0l/100 km) had it for about 2 years now.

    A couple of questions:
    - The high level rear brake light is not working - is that a fuse, and if so which one? I've had a look at page 321/322 of the manual, but nothing jumps out.
    - For the passenger heated seat, the button on the dash is no longer lit. Is it much of an effort to replace the bulb behind the button, or does it mean taking the dash off?
    - Does anyone have the rear tables on the back of the front seats? I've never seen good photos (only ones in the accessory brochure which aren't great). Are they easy to retrofit, and are they worth the money?
    - I have rear parking sensors, but they're not all in a straight row along the back - center two are lower than the outer two - does that sound like aftermarket? (Also they're not too useful, as there's also a towbar fitted, and I think that's setting of the sensors all the time!)

    That's it for now - hello again to all :Smile:
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    Hello and welcome @BlueFRV :Hey:

    FR-V are great little cars but wished Honda had but multiplexed electrical on the car no wonder the poor FR-V has so many electrical gremlins.

    1) It will be a fused bulb mate check the fuse that will be fine.
    2) The change can be slightly tricky but will post a guide but it may be a bit full on for you ( Tell me you are handy with spanners and your experience)
    3) Me too I have not seen one till date so can't say but I can't see why they won't be any good for kids
    4) get a picture up buddy

    BTW have a look at this thread Brochures & Promo - Honda FR-V Press Release 2005 you will find some useful features.
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    Think @Ichiban covered most bits there, so just a quick welcome to the club :Wave:

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    Welcome to HK @BlueFRV

    @Ichiban has given you some good advice there, so nothing to add to that.

    Please do add your car to the Club Garage
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    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the replies & welcome - will get a photo or 2 up in the next couple of days.

    Ichican - if the dash heated seat is a fairly major job, I can live without it.
    Also, the table seats are about €350 a pair. I'm not sure if it's worth the money - I'll probably have the car for 2 more years. (Then I want a diesel Accord :Smile: )

    Does anyone know which is the fuse for the high brake light? It's not clear from the manual, and the other rear lights, brake lights, indicators, fog light, are all working fine. Fuse 26 in the dash fuse box is marked small light - I pulled it out but it doesn't look blown. (Those fuses are tricky to get out, and worse to get back in !)

    Thanks guys.
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    Hello and welcome, sorry can't add much to above though :-/
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    How's it going @BlueFRV ? Did you manage to sort out the issues ?
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    I've got the rear seat tables. The idea sounds good but not in practice. You can only safely use them when stationary and they block easy access to the rear seat pockets.

    Useless to be honest unless you have to do a lot of rainy in car picnics

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    Well, it's been a while, but the issue is now sorted. Embarrassingly, it was....a bulb.
    I assumed that the high brake light was a LED strip rather than a single bulb, so the issue must be a fuse, or wiring somewhere along the way.

    Brought it to a garage, and they removed the bulb. For those who ever hit the same issue - there are 2 triangular pieces of plastic either side of the brake light - pop them off, and you can get at screws to remove the long piece of plastic that is the brake light cover, and pop out the bulb.

    I'll know the next time !