Aftermarket Kit Hello and query about towbar/electrics

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    Hi there,
    This is my first post and first Honda (59 reg CR-V diesel). I need to fit a towbar/electrics pretty pronto, after collecting the beast on says he only fits Honda ones now after getting told off using a local fitter. Our local experts are Indespension, who are a national company. They are quoting much less than the dealer price. I have used them before over many years....any comments/advice?
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    As long as it doesn't affect your warranty Indespension are a well known firm.
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    First time I have heard of the company " Indespension"
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    If you decide to use the Honda dealer and your caravan has the Alko ATC fitted, you must ask them not to use the Honda wiring from the battery to pin 9 on a thirteen pin socket. Not sure which pin it is on the grey 7 S. Instead, tell them to take a direct feed from the battery using a 20 amp fuse. The Honda wiring goes via a smart relay to pin 9 and won't take more than 15 amps. If you haven't got ATC fitted, and never intend to have a caravan with it, then it doesn't matter, the Honda wiring will be fine.
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    Thanks Robbie,
    No chance of Alko ATC, I intend to buy and upgrade an 'older' style van, I really enjoyed converting a camper van, which I am now selling. Ichiban, I am surprised you have not heard of them, they have many branches and to my knowledge have been around for at least 30 years!