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    England Steve ormskirk
    I bought my first Jap motor! Back in October, someone drove into my dull but worthy Zafira (did me a favour, really). It was December by the time I got paid out, so didn't fancy trawling for cars in the depths of winter. A mile from me, a small dealer had a W reg Accord (6th Generation) 1.8 S hatch with 100k for £650, so I got it as a stop gap. 6 months later and I've rolled back the years and serviced it myself for buttons, its through its MOT and growing on me. A few problems to put out there, if someone can recommend the correct forum- will share the love soon! Steve
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    Welcome to HK Steve :welcome:

    Have a look thorough the 6th Generation section as you will find a wealth of information there.
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    England Dave Birmingham
    Hello and welcome :Niceone:
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    Welcome to HK @superste :welcome:

    If you add your Accord to the garage, when you have questions it will really help.

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    Hello :Bye:and :welcome:to:gohonda:Karma