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    I was a member of the honda owners club but the site/link seems to have gone down so registered here. Love my Accord. My other car is an Audi TT 225 owned from new 2003. The Accord in many ways is superior!
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    Welcome to AOC :Hey:
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    Welcome welcome ! Hope you enjoy the site!
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    Hi Wigtop ! Tell us more about your Accord. Do you have any photos to share? What is it you find superior to the TT?
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    Hi wigtop

    Welcome aboard, interesting you have an Audi as well.. I would love to hear what you find better over the Audi. I had Audi and VAG group cars for 20 odd years going way back to the proper quattros of the day. Had a pearl white coupe (rare beast) with tan leather on and F plate brand spanking new. LOVED THAT CAR :Sobbing:but alas it had to go years later by which time it was pumping a very healthy 400bhp :Smile: if I could find it again I would buy it back tomorrow. Not so in love with the newer oil burners hence my happy defection to Honda. Loving my Accord now.. Fill me in on the TT never had one (family, wife, bikes,blah blah) usual sob story middle age and all that. However I feel a crisis comming on this year so either a new bike or a good fast used motor to play with..

    Update are essential bud so let us know how thing are in your mixed world..

    Take it easy.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. These sites are really good as I have saved myself lots of time, money and frustration. As to my Audi TT 1st Generation which I do like, in comparison to my Accord I will say for a start it is a bit like comparing apples with pears but the build quality is slightly better on the Accord if somewhat lighter. The reliability of the Accord is definately better, it just does not go wrong! Obviously the design is completely different as they do different jobs but bearing that in mind the Accord is better value. I also like the general styling of the Honda range whereas Audi seem to have got stuck in a rut which is a pity as when the 1st Generation TT came out it was a jaw dropper. I am a great admirer of Honda technology, one of the reasons I bought the Accord, thier engines are jewels. The Accord is easier to drive but I do like the 225 BHP of the TT
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