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    Hello Everyone, greetings from the far side of the ocean...

    I'm new to Hondas (previous vehicles have been a Mazda and a Dodge), and for the week and a bit that I've had the vehicle, I have enjoyed it immensely. Who knew that a 1991 4dr Accord EX would be the closest thing to a sports car that I would own? :Smile:

    Today though, disaster struck - I parked it at work and all the coolant came peeing out the bottom. A mechanic who was there to pick up his wife figured out that my rad had blown (no surprise). I can replace it myself, but I'm having a problem sourcing parts mostly because I don't know if what I have is Toyo or Denso or even what the part number is.

    I was wondering if I could pick the collective brain here and get some assistance on either what the part number is or if I'm going to have to undertake a long junkyard search.

    My vehicle is an Accord EX, 4 door, 4 speed automatic. Engine is a 2.2L LH SOHC 16V. The current rad has two fans on the back of it, not the one every illustration shows, although the hose connections look the same.

    I can get access to a 1992 Accord rad - anyone know if that is compatible or if I'd be buying a paperweight?

    Apologies if this is a little sudden for a hello, but I'm looking to fix this quick, and also apologies if this is in the wrong area.
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    Hey and welcome to AOC, sorry no one has picked this up yet.

    You can get a reconditioned rad from a local repair shop, these rads were made by denso. scrapyard\junkyard finds have their own problem I would tend to stay away from them.

    If you can PM me your car VIN number I could locate your Honda part number :Thumbup: