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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    After 15 years of driving Citroen C5's, I am in the process of purchasing a 2012 CR-V 2.2 EX diesel manual from Norton Way Honda in Letchworth. This will be my first Honda and I hope it can match the C5's for comfort, reliability (yep, they were both reliable), economy and towing ability (we have a caravan).

    Three of my friends have CR-V's - an "old" one (54 reg), one 08 reg and one 63 reg. They are all very pleased with them, so that bodes well.

    I am planning to use a Honda dealer for servicing for the first few years and as the vehicle gets older I will probably carry out more work myself.

    So, for the present I will be browsing the forum to learn what makes Hondas tick and what to watch out for.
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    United Kingdom Chris Rowlands Gill
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    Welcome David!
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK David. :welcome:

    Once you've got your CR-V, please add her to the Club Garage. It really does help us to help you.
    For now though, browse away and do feel free to ask questions as you go along.:Hey:
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    Welcome to Honda Karma David :Hey:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @C5CONVERT and good luck with the CR-V :welcome:
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    Hooray! Another CR-V owner. You won't be disappointed I absolutely love mine. :welcome:
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    Hello again everyone. Thank you for your good wishes.

    Well, I collected my "Urban Titanium" (metallicy brown to me) CR-V from Norton Way Honda in Letchworth. The purchase and collection were handled very efficiently and effectively by their staff and the car is booked in for its third service and first MOT in November. Unusually for me, I took up the offer of the Autoglym "LifeShine" treatment and my car looked every bit as good as the brand new one parked behind it. The torrential rain is now bouncing off the roof beautifully as I write.

    My first impressions are good, thankfully. The ride will never be as smooth as my old Citroen (longer wheelbase, lower seating position and hydractive suspension), but it's still pretty good. I failed to spot the requirement to leave the nozzle in the hole for 10 seconds on completion of filling up, but no problems so far as a result. I believe I will qualify for an Open University degree once I have read all the manuals (I did find out how I lowered all the windows using the keyless entry widget - just because I could do that with the Citroen!). Anyway, Mrs W's phone is now "bluetoothed" - a first in this technologically challenged household. The DAB radio sounded brilliant.

    So what next?

    Should I take out the Honda extended warranty for a further 3 years, in addition to the one year's "free" warranty (by the end of which the car will be almost 7 years old and about 60,000 miles? It looks reasonably priced as it includes UK and European breakdown cover (ah, that shows we are not in Europe - which is what my French friend says).

    Will I find the funnel in the toolkit so I can add Miller's diesel additive without it running down my trouser leg (in fact, should I be adding the stuff - it's certainly kept our French diesels trouble-free: no blown turbos, EGR problems or (amazingly) DPF issues? (A Rolls Royce aeropspace engineer told me that low sulphur diesel lacks the lubricating properties necessary for modern diesel engines).

    Will I ever be able to remove the removeable tow hitch, which appears to be a bit jammed (factory/dealer fitted Bosal, I believe)? I can live without a permanent 12v supply to the towbar as the Honda lead appears to be £195 (probably excluding VAT).

    A photo will appear in my garage when/if the sun comes out.

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    Congratulations on what looks like a very smooth entry into the world on Honda.
    I know that some of our members do use fuel additives, but the information from Honda would discourage it. However, she's 3 years old and you cannot be certain how the previous owner(s) have treated her. I'm sure we will get some pro and con viewpoints.

    As for the manual, that's part of the fun. If the tow bar is jammed, I would expect Norton Way to deal with that for you. Everything should be fully functioning.

    Since you've had the AG treatment, have a look through the Detailing & Cleaning section. It is much easier to maintain a good finish than to get there from a poorer level.

    Looking forward to some dryer and brighter days so we can see her in her full glory. :Hey:
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    United Kingdom Gary Lincs
    Congratulations my CR-V is a little older than yours a 2007 model ex, they are great motors a bit of a Swiss army knife of cars or at least that what i think. Hope you have many happy miles with your new Honda
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    United Kingdom James Poole
    Welcome to HK David.
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    Welcome along mate, out of curiosity did you own/what are your thoughts on C5 tourer's 2010-2012 1.6hdi VTR+ or 2.0HDI exclusive I love the look of them but am unsure on the reliability and how well they wear (my Accord has almost 190k on it and drives like new)
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    Firstly, the "jammed" detachable towball issue had a simple solution - my wife reading the instructions to me and me putting a bit more effort into pushing and turning the :tut:! I have now had some practice and all is well.

    Dave in Barnsley asked for my opinion of 2010-2012 Citroen C5 tourers so here goes. My last car was 2003 and the one before that was a 2001 (handed down to my daughter-in-law), so I have no direct experience of the more recent models. For me the hydractive suspension gave a superb ride (helped by the longish wheelbase) and I could raise it to cross muddy fields in winter. However, I believe this is only available now on the Exclusive version. The loadspace on the 1st Generation was excellent but it's not so good on the later "let's copy Audi versions". Towing capability was excellent too. Overall both cars were reliable (neither broke down) and there are lots of high mileage examples about. They definitely benefit from being serviced by those who know Citroens (I had mine serviced in France several times) because there are a few quirks. For example, alloy brake calipers bolted to cast iron suspension arms have caused corrosion problems and rear brake distortion for years but the fix is simple. The Peugeot/Citroen diesel engines are pretty rugged and the problems with the early Diesel Particulate Filters seem to have been resolved. How the new Adblue system will work remains to be seen, but that's after 2012. I had the Citroen Lexia diagnostics on a laptop which was easy to use and provided invaluable real-time data on how everything was ticking over, quite literally. The 1.6HDi diesel engines is, I understand, prone to turbo problems if the oil changes are not done to schedule, but the 2.2HDi engines I had were reliable and others say the 2.0HDi engine is the best one. I was tempted to look at a 2.2HDi 200BHP C5 estate but there is only an automatic.......and I fancied a change and a bit of four wheel drive for those muddy fields. Finally, they depreciate rapidly, so buying second-hand can be quite good financially.

    Now why exactly do I have to wait 10 seconds to pull that fuel pump nozzle out............................
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    Well, I've been a bit quiet because I've been out of the country for 2 months. However, on my return I reconnected the battery, had a cup of tea just in case the electronics need a bit of time to sort themselves out (a Citroen quirk) and hey presto she started first time and everything works.

    I've only covered about 700 miles so far but I'm enjoying this CR-V. The first tankful of diesel returned just over 50mpg full to full which pleased me (steady driving, economy button thing "on") considering it's a 2.2 engine.

    Returning last week to the dark nights, I was impressed by the automatic dipping/undipping of the headlights - the system picked up the car about 500 meters ahead and kept dip beam but when its tail lights disappeared round a bend - hey presto full beam. Maybe a tad slow to dip for oncoming vehicles, but what's half a second of dazzle now and then............and the heated seat in the frost this morning, and the quick defrosting/demisting. Marvellous.

    Went to fly my toy aeroplanes yesterday and crossed the water-logged part of the flying field effortlessly at walking pace. Splendid as I don't have half the field under/on the car when I come home. Used to have to raise the suspension on the C5 and go for it, hoping not to get stuck!

    Back to Norton Way Honda in Letchworth today for 3 year service and MOT. All carried out efficiently. So far, I am impressed by their customer care.

    I was offered a package for the next 4 services and I'm very tempted to take it - just need to search the forum to see if anyone has made any comments about Honda service packages.

    So that's it for now. Just need to get that photo in the garage and keep reading the manual and this forum.
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    United Kingdom Gary Lincs
    Have mine on a 3 year service package first one due in the next week or two, I wanted the convenience of a package but most folks would say its not worth it on a 2007 CR-V with 95k on the clock, but seeing as its been looked after by the same Honda dealer group since new I rekon its worth it as its been well looked after. When I do sell it at least there will be no doubts for a prospective buyer to how well its been looked after.
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    Well. almost 5 months since my last post and the forum keeps asking where I am. Just back from 6 weeks on the other side of the world but prior to that my CR-V performed OK over the winter. I was slightly disappointed by the 4 wheel drive abilities when I had to tow a stuck Mercedes estate out of a muddy field, but that's not an everyday occurrence. My mileage is still quite low - only about 1,500 in 8 months, but I should be driving a bit more over the coming months, including some caravan towing.

    Just one interesting matter came to light today, which I will air in a separate post to see if anyone has any related experience...................
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    United Kingdom Rob Milton Keynes
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    United Kingdom David Bedford
    This post is the end of the beginning and will be the final part of my introduction. I have now owned my 2012 4th generation CR-V 2.2 diesel EX manual for just over 18 months and covered just 6,000 miles, taking the total miles to 37,500.

    I have now got over the loss of my Citroen 5 (and its superb ride). Overall I am very happy with my choice of CR-V. It is comfortable, reliable, economical, tows well and everything works when I re-connect the battery after the periods when it isn't driven for up to 8 weeks at a time (which total 163 days since the last service in November 2015). I am still adding Miller's diesel additive each time I refuel (usually with Shell ordinary diesel).

    The only job I have done is to fit a split-charge relay and permanent 12v supply to the tow bar as the factory/dealer fitted detachable Bosal wasn't so equipped (I didn't use the Honda part as it was a bit pricey and I had suitable cable in stock). I also noticed after one lay-up that the rear brake pads on one side were not clearing all the rust on the disc from the outer edge of the area they should be in contact with. However, this problem solved itself after I checked the pads were not stuck and drove around for a few weeks.

    I am planning to carry out a service myself in May which will be about one year of use (18 months elapsed time) and 6,000-6,500 miles since the last service. I will also have all four tyres replaced with more Michelins at that time and at about 38,000 miles.

    I will keep reading the forum, but I probably won't be able to contribute much as (thankfully) I have had no problems.

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