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    I am a new member only a few hours in the forum. Retired from service in Bombay, India, turned into a farmer after retirement, for an independent and free bird life. Own a 93 Accord, a real beauty but ruined by my foolish approach and should have been a diyer under the guidance of forums like this. Now obsessed with bringing back my Honda to life. It has been sitting in my parking place for the last 5 years and in hindsight I can only attribute all its problems to not starting. A few times the mechanics tinkered with the fuel tank and I think something to do with the fuel relay located in the bonnet. Can someone guide me as to how should I proceed.
    Regards to all
  2. Hello and welcome to AOC

    Could be fuel relay, when you switch on ignition, can you hear a pump turn for 2 seconds or so then stop?
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    Thanks a ton for the quick reply. I beg ur pardon as my memory really betrays me as this happened in oct,2005 and ever since the car has been sitting idle. In hindsight i do remember the car turining on and trying to start and with the little knowledge i gained on the internet, incl you tube, this could be the cause. Can you kindly advise how I should start with the work of getting this vehicle repaired. All the tyres are flat, has been immobilised for about 6 years thougnich  I got this repaired in 2006. The mechanic said he changed many things and i was such a big fool to have spent about a lakh of rupees on the car and it died a few hours later and has been there for the last many years. The internet made me wiser and now has the courage.  to think of doing the basic things my self.
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    Hi Angaadi,

    It is difficult to assist from what I have read and without looking at the car, there are way too many variables and unknowns to contend with.

    Do you have a mechanically minded enthusiast who can help you ? do you have a list of parts the technician replaced?
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    Hai,Thank u . True that there is nothing to give u a picture of my car. In fact, I am planning to do this work at least a full 6 months away from now. I am now a small farmer in south india ,trying to make out a living, a fiercely independent and peaceful environment, very happy with the honest living. Blowing my trumpet, I could make out some 30 acres of barren land into a very fertile and beautiful agricultural land. July 31st is my sweet wife's birth day and by then I intend to complete my car work. Immediately after going over to Bombay, I shall give the permitted number of pictures in this forum as well as the list of parts giving trouble. I do have one or two auto buffs as friends in Bombay and if they are still willing to lend a helping hand I shall update you. In the meanwhile I leave the forum a very happy man for the direction to a really good car is clear to me.Thanks to all the good Samaritans in the forum.
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    Ok you have caught my attention let see if we can work together and get the distance between our countries shorten via the community.What I will need from you is an honest assessment of your skills with tools and spanners.

    if you are not then don't be afraid to say" I don't know" we can get around that .

    Can you attach pictures of your car engine bay and can you send me a private message with the VIN number of your Accord, by that I will get all the necessary information to assist you remotely.

    If you can get your son who is studying in the UK to sign up and and liaise with him if needed to get you all the information you require.
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    Great.No flattery. u are truly amazing for the spirit.I will certainly send the pictures in a few months time.(Already mentioned that I am very far away from Bombay and shall be going over there in a few months time.).My honest assessment of my skills runs with a little of ambivalence. At times a dumb and in some cases very good. I repair minor problems of my auto rickshaw and my tractor my self and the same is with my motorcycle. All minor issues like fixing the cables, changing engine beds, changing l the oils and a little akin to these.Yet I admit that on a scale of 1 to 10, I may stand at 2. I have two sets of very good spanners and one very good bit spanners. All very good tools and I am good at using them. I am willing to supplement them with any additions at what ever is the cost. I am asking my son to register in the forum which he must be doing in a day or two.His name is chaitanya.
    In case u find at times that I am not responding, pray do not conclude that my interest has diminished. When I am at land, I do not have electricity,no internet etc. I shall be active and trust that you would be satisfied immensely that you have done a fine job with all the constraints.
    With regards.
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    Hey there and welcome
    Great that your trying to get the car going again.
    Good luck and keep in touch :Smile:
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    Sure. I shall do that.But my plans are a full 6 months away. In the meanwhile,Just preparing and equipping. Buying some essentilal tools to supplement what I already have,ensuring I do not buy unnecessary things. Watching youtube and rolling a little in ehow, how stuff works, trying to read a few books so that when I really face Mr.Ichibanaccord and is asked by him to check the starter solenoid,I do not tell him things about the starter etc.,I am really enjoying this club and only regret that I should have done this a few years earlier. Things that looked a little untouchable then are things now keeping me highly involved and this I attribute to this community to a great eanow a dxtent.

    Sure I will be in touch but this is something very painful. The place where I live,in south india ,now a days or rather for the last 6 months atleast, has a serious power problem.Vision and a care about tomorrow is something we have not taken care and the result is we are in a mess. The power supply is extremely erratic and unpredictable. Suddenly the power goes off and my laptop does not have a Battery.( I had two excellent laptops which were stolen. I ran around and traced the thief and when I went to the highest authorities in the police department, I was told not to make a fuss. Had no choice but remember,discretion is the better part of.... and so on. Depending on a good sony vaio my son brought me,without a battery for fear of excessive baggage. When the power goes off, all the work on the laptop is gone into the air.

    Compounding the misery is my little mouse that has a special love to run loose all over the screen and destroy every thing in the process. Opens new files, closes the running ones etc and by the time it comes to senses and behaves well all is already lost. Many a time I sit before the machine and type out a good message out as a reply to someone who has considered my particular issue and when I am about to submit the reply the computer dies. It is really testing ur limits but I can't help it.

    Thanking you again
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    Hello and welcome to AOC.
    Good luck with the car.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the good words. I should be ale to do something sensible to make this beauty back on the road. But it is note easy too. I am miles away and really takes a big effort to equip myself to face the challenge both in terms of money and knowledge. Making every effort to equip. Any member can give a suggestion if the spare parts of the newer version fits the older version also. I have a 93 accord and am just wondering if for example I have to change the fan belt or some other such belts can there be equivalents in the same brand models that came later but manufactured in the country. Mine is an imported model but later on Honda set up production in India. I can save considerable money in doing so.
    I had an old Toyota starlet and adopted this for some parts and of course I cannot authentically confirm if there was no difference as this car was damaged in a flood and ultimately scrapped.