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  1. Hello everyone im Beau from Cornwall first time Honda Owner N reg Honda Accord 2.0 ES Auto

    Love it so far a lovely drive and very well looked after everything works and only 90,000 miles on the clock and cost £450 Bargin i would say :Wink:

    What do think?
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hey and welcome to AOC , for that price that car is a bargain,how does the car drive?

    Please get some picture up as and when you can.
  3. RobB Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Hello Beau and welcome to AOC.
    Whereabouts in Cornwall you from?
  4. The car drives like its new im so suprised really for that price it was owned by an old gent before me always garaged etc

    Im from Liskeard RobB