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    Greetings Everybody!

    Just a quick intro to say hello.

    I have bought an Accord 2.2 I-CTDI 2006 recently and am really impressed with the Performance so far.
    This Forum has been a great source of info for me and I have gleaned much knowledge from this site.

    I have just had a Full service done with 0W-30 ofcourse by PC Honda Specialists of Phoenix Close, Manchester and will be writing a review on my experience shortly.
    In a nutshell Chris (The Mechanic/Owner) is a tremendous chap with excellent knowledge of the Honda Brand and definately knows what he is talking about.
    For those of you sick of paying Dealer prices check him out. He even replies to emails at most hours. Must admit I was really impressed with the service
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    Welcome to AOC Nemo777.

    Glad your enjoying the site.

    Yes, have heard good things about Chris. Please do write a full review.
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    Hello Nemo and welcome to AOC
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    Hmm....are you chris's mum or something?
  5. Nemo777 New Member Getting Started

    Just a happy Customer..
    thought to share my 0.02
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    Welcome to AOC Nemo, I won't expect anything less than outstanding work from Chris.:Wink:
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    Hey Nemo

    Welcome bud always good to see another diesel owner join the family :Smile:

    Shame Chris is so far away or I would be visiting him for my services to

    Welcome to AOC
  8. Not sarcy much.

    Welcome Nemo :Thumbup: