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    Been buying mostly high performance German vehicles for the past 10 years and just recently I've started to realise that the punishment they give me with regards to loss of value, running costs and reliability is something I'd be better off taking a break from so after a couple of hours of honestly researching my needs I came up with idea of a petrol powered auto box Accord, the next day I found a full Honda history 2005 tourer with 110k miles and I have to say I'm massively impressed especially since what I payed for it wouldn't be enough to get a set of tyres for my last car and this Honda looks and feels like new! I'm now looking for a second Accord (saloon) with a bit more spec, just a shame I can't get a 7th Generation diesel with an auto box.
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    Welcome along. Reliability certainly isn't something you'll have to worry about any more with a well looked after petrol Accord.

    Unfortunately the diesels don't come with an automatic. But if you're looking at a diesel as well it's well worth being aware of the common faults some 7th gens suffer from.
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    Hey bud

    Welcome, like you I gave up on German cars after 20 odd years of being ripped off.. But don't start me on that.. Great to hear you sorted out a good motor, lets see some pics on here soon :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to AOC Japseye.

    All Hondas look and feel new no matter what their age :Smile:
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    Here's my purple/blue war wagon.

    IMG_0233 1.
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