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    Hi HK forums,just dropping in to say hi,i'm very new to the Honda world as i have driven only VAG the past 11 years.

    I just bought an 2005 Accord 2.4 Executive from someone who has always driven Honda,full history with everything on paper and it looks pretty ok for it's age.Only has 60K miles!

    Got it since yesterday so i'm learning how the car drives,getting used to that magnificent gearbox and steering won't be a problem!It handles waaay better then my previous Audi A4 avant b6 TDI with 202K miles and goes a lot better too :Smile:

    But i do have some small issues and questions,there is no manual for the nav and car so i need to look some things up.

    -How do i reset the trip (and what is the difference between trip A and B?)
    -Cancelling the route on the nav?The dutch girl drove me mad asi drove home and needed to take the smaller roads to avoid the traffic jams yesterday.

    -I don't have any lights on the steering wheel controls (very awkward when i was driving home in the dark with CC on) Is this broken?
    -Top LCD display for the temperature and audio info is mostly dark (already found a solution,need to take it apart first)

    These are the first things that come to mind!

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    Hello Tom and :welcome: to HK.

    To reset the trip. push in the small black control on the dashboard - The one by the speedometer. Turning it alters the brightness of the dashboard.
    You have two trip meters as you may want to leave one for when you fill up, and the other for single journeys. Your choice.

    I can't remember offhand how to cancel the route on the nav system on your CL9, but have you tried the arrow next to the menu button?
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    Hello and welcome to HK.

    Your Accord looks pretty nice and clean.

    Some of the things you have listed are pretty common and I m sure our Accord owners will be able to answer your queries.
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    @Nels has answered some of your questions. I don't think there is any illumination on the steering wheel my Type-S certainly doesn't have any it's just a matter of familiarisation with the controls once you have used them a few times it's ok.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @dfour :Hey:

    Glad to hear you are pleased with the Accord and that it fairs well in comparison to your previous VAG cars :Smile:

    I think the only un-answered question left is the Cancelling Sat Nav one.

    To cancel routing, I think you press what looks like a Back button. You then get a prompt asking if your really wanting cancel routing.
    Button shown in this pic :-
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Belgium Bruges
    Thank you very much!

    Alright,that was pretty straightforward to reset the trip,found it! Thx!

    Thx!glad to be here

    Found it i think,its only on the later 2005 models,might try to retrofit it.

    I tried this afternoon and didn't really work,i'll give it another try.