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    Already spoken to a few of you while trying to buy a 7th Generation CDTi which I achieved yesterday! :Smile:

    Before that I had owned a 1997 4th Generation(I think) for 4 years and loved it, hence the decision to go for another accord. I driver alot so needed the Diesel otherwise it would've been a 2.4 VTEC all the way!

    Outside of my car I'm a 26 year old mature student studying Pharmacology I also work a fair few hours a week for an Organic Fruit and Veg company (not supposed to name it but they drive yellow vans!) I'm also a semi-professional Mountainboarder (A snowboard with spring suspension and tyres), I play guitar, probably drink too much (subjective!) and have been married for 4 years.

    Nice to meet you all and hopefully I can help you all as much as some of you have already helped me!

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    Welcome Alan and thanks for the Intro :Hey: Please do post some pictures up of your car.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Hello again Alan and welcome
    Congratulations on your purchase and hope car serves you well:GoodJob:
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    Hello Alan and welcome to AOC, at least you got it sorted in the end.
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    Welcome to the site, hope it serves you well