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    First of all I must apologise for joining this site. I had an accord quite a few years back and decided to get another one so joined this site. However I bought a 2006 CR-V instead. I do have a question which I believe is generic to Honda which I would like help on. My CR-V has a satnav, had, music system, all voice and touch screen operated. Unfortunately it's all in Japanese and my local Honda dealer won't help because I imported it rather than buy one from them.
    I am told that it will have English in it somewhere but have no idea how to change the language. Can anyone please help?

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Hello and welcome there may be some YouTube clips which tell you how you an change the language.
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    Many thanks for your suggestion. At my age YouTube is not a natural thought.

    thanks again, Eric