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  1. Hello, my name is Paul & am from the north west coast of Lancashire, I have owned a few Hondas over the years.

    My favourite Honda that I have owned was a 1989 Honda Accord Aerodeck that I transplanted a B20b engine into.
    I still regret selling the Accord aerodeck to this day but sadly at the time it didn't fit with my needs so had to go.

    I am currently looking to replace my current car, a Mercedes c250td, which I have owned for 9 year now.
    I also restored/rebuilt a kitcar 10 years ago that I have run during the summer for the 5 years or so but that was left in the garage for the last few years due to me being unable to get out of the car being so low. Sadly that car moved onto pastures new last year.

    I am looking for something that has a higher seating position and must have a automatic gearbox, it must also be a nice place to drive/be driven and be as roomy and comfortable as possible for myself, my other half, the kids and the dog.

    I took a 2002 Honda CR-V out on a test drive and my other half and kids liked the car but sadly the dealer wasn't 100% honest about the car and their practises left a bad taste so didn't buy the car. The way it drove reminded me in some ways of the Civic and Accords I owned in the past. The only thing I disliked was the overlight steering, which I would get used to I hope and the fact the seat was rocking as I was driving.

    I have now have a short list of cars I would like. They are Honda CR-V auto 2002-2006 (I would like a exec model and post 2005 facelift but depends on what comes up), a Nissan Xtrail 2.5 automatic is also on the list but the doubts about the engine problems are putting me off somewhat.
    I realise that the Nissan may be better off road than the Honda but I doubt the car will see much more than a snow covered road and the occasional muddy track/field.

    When I started looking for a car there were plenty for sale but now I have the funds sorted there aren't so many. Sadly I can't travel too far to look at a car due to circumstances (40 or 50 miles for where I live maximum)

    I know it's only a matter of time and a car will appear sooner or later.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma Paul. Hondas certainly fit the bill when looking for something nice to be in and drive.

    All the best for your hunt for a CR-V, hopefully you'll find one soon enough.
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  4. Thanks for the warm welcome.
    I will be honest the way the CR-V automatic changed gear it was like the car was a old friend and felt very familiar and at least as far as the gearbox is concerned very much like my accord aeorodeck.
    It was the overlight steering and the way the drivers seat was rocking backward and forward that put me off. Plus the way the dealership were selling the car as a internet choice car and ebay car at the same time with over £2000 difference without mentioning that at the time of test drive and all they were trying to push was finance options when I had already said it was a cash or cash and part exchange purchase. Sadly I won't be buying at that dealership and it happens to be my local Honda main dealer too:Frown:

    I was originally not wanting to spend that much on a car, about £3000 max plus my current car as part ex, but with it taking a while to find the right car I now have over that and am looking at spending £4000-5500 depending on the car.

    I am trying to find one with low mileage and with all the options I want. I am currently checking Autotrader, and eBay so its only a matter of time.

    People have tried to steer me away from the Honda CR-V for some reason but from my research the best of the bunch that are within my price range is going to be a facelift 2nd Generation (2002-2006) CR-V hopefully a executive.
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    Welcome to HK
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    ^^Welcome to HondaKarma, Paul :welcome:

    I'm sure the right CR-V will come up, better to look at a few and make a considered choice than jump at the first one you see and regret it!

    Not sure why people would have steered you away from one, TBH - I haven't seen much on here to be worried about - but there is plenty of info here and lots of friendly advice, so have a good look through and find out what to look for. And ask if you aren't sure, somebody is sure to be able to help :Smile:
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    Welcome Paul you certainly have had a chequered history with Honda's and welcome back into the brand.
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    Hello:Bye:and:welcome:to :gohonda:Karma