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    I have a 2.2 CDTi tourer which I bought as an exdemonstrator. It's been a great car, done 100k miles and been trouble free till now. The VSA control unit has failed and looking at other sites, this appears to be a fairly common problem. Cost at a honda garage is approx £1500 but my local garage has had one repaired by a company in Kent and fitted it for about £750. I can't find any relevant threads on this site (am I not looking in the right place?). Does anyone have any suggestions?

    This looks an excellent site with lots of useful information. I am interested to follow up on the reversing camera project.
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    Welcome Dave,

    There has been a influx of these companies repairing the VSA modules lately. Accord Owners in the past have used salvage parts and then got rid the cars, some have been fortunate to be within the warranty extension period and had it repaired for free . Lastly not to forget the bodge approach by filling black ink into the VSA LED to stop it lighting up, that will get through MOTs.

    You may be the first to use such a company hope you get it sorted..please do give your review if you go down this route.
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    Welcome mate
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    Welcome to the site
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    Dave, its a fairly easy job to do. If you need any help or advice on what (and what not) to do let me know, I`m only down the road in Ormskirk

    Oh and welcome to the site. Don`t think there`s anybody else here from this neck of the woods.
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    Thanks for your responses. I'm thinking of having the VSA repaired but will post progress.

    davemazo - many thanks for your kind offer, it may be a few weeks before I get round to it but will be in touch