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    England Mark Leicester
    Hello Honda peeps.

    Mark here from Leicester, recently picked up a 2004 2.4 Executive with 107k miles.

    It has all the stamps in the service book but no other history so took a bit of a gamble I guess but got a good price. Its in pretty good condition though not without some issues.

    Sat Nav is tempermental and only works after 15-20 mins.I have tried the ruler wipe method, the laser does not sound healthy !
    The upper display flickers which I am hoping to get fixed this week.
    Gearbox feels notchy especially in 1st and 2nd
    Steering doesnt feel quite right, will start with wheel alignment, tyre wear seems a bit uneven at the front
    Some minor paint issues , one bad bit on bumper to sort

    My short term plans - Gearbox oil change, oil and filter change, Civic Type-R gear :tut:, Green cotton air filter. Sat nav and upper display fix
    Longer team. - Remap, possibly lower on to eibachs, bilstein b4 shocks, 17" Penta alloys, Aux in to smartphone, Additional 7" Tablet for internet and better sat nav, maybe induction, stainless rear custom exhaust

    So hi and look forward to talking about all things Honda! Love the motor already, that engine is a peach..I I wasn't sure after giving up my V5 that a 4 pot would sound any good .. but it does .. not quite up to the warble of the V5 .. but guess it can be made to sing !
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    Heres a few pics

    WP_20160312_13_36_56_Pro_LI. WP_20160312_15_01_48_Pro_LI.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @marculos :Hey:

    Looks a nice tidy example that ! Lovely colour too (not being biased at all! :Tongue:)
    Sat Navs at this age are troublesome, darn lasers give out, especially if copied discs have been used. Costs about £100 to sort out.
    I see you're on the ball with the flickering screen, I'm sure @Simes will sort you out on that front.

    Try a gearbox oil change and a clutch fluid flush, this may help the notchy gearbox.
    Steering, check all the suspension components (especially compliance bushes and drop links), tyres and then alignment.
    Paint overall looks in pretty good nick from that picture you've posted.

    I like you're plans for her :Grin:

    Oh yeah.. the engine can make some sweet noises indeed !!

    Out of curiosity what V5 engined car did you have.

    Make yourself rught at home buddy, oh and please do add you car the Club Garage :Grin:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @marculos :welcome:

    Good luck sorting out your few issues. Have a good look around, sure there are already answers to some of them (sat nav issues for example).

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    England Mark Leicester
    Thanks for the tips @SpeedyGee ! Will get the father in law to check it over when he is free. Had a Toledo V5 remapped with lots of toys which was awesome .. but had it for 6 years years and needed something bigger , was going to get a Mazda 6 but settled on a Honda and very glad I did !
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    You made the right choice for sure, at 100K a 53 plate Mazda 6 would be well past it's best and would have rusted away anyway :lol:
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    :welcome: to HK Mark.
    Good to see another CL9 join the ranks. :Hey:
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    still an absolutely beautiful car and doesn't look at all out of place on the road in 2016. welcome along!
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    Hi, welcome to the forum :Smile: