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    A quick hello from me as I've just bought myself a 2001 Accord Type-V 2.3i in blue with cream leather as my main road car (I have a toy for dry weather and track days, an RX8 fitted with a turbo-charged RX7FD3S 13B engine generating 400 BHP).

    She'll spend most of her time travelling backwards and forwards on the [mostly motorway and dual carriageway] 35 mile each-way trip between my place in Redhill, Surrey, and my kids in SE London (long divorced dad story). I don't intend to change her much, which is in contrast to my RX8s where I've tried most things. I'll limit myself to upgrading the sat nav, probably by fitting a Nexus 7 tablet where the sat nav sits (I've just got one to fit into my RX8 but I want to do my Accord first), fitting a modern stereo (I love DAB radio) and doing whatever reliability mods are appropriate.

    Although my current occupation has little relevance to cars, I used to be an engineer in the RAF and still love tinkering and doing my own maintenance.

    I'm officially 'on sabbatical' as I was fed up with being on the work treadmill and wanted to spend what was left of my money before my ex-wife took it. My main interests are my 3 sons, my cars, my bikes (I have a Triumph TT600 road bike and a Triumph 675 ex-Superstock race bike for track fun), military history and generally doing all the things that I wanted to do but never had the time.


    Ps Al isn't my name. The name belongs to a character from my main interest in military history, albeit not the one people normally use.

    Edited with pics:
    P1010001-001. P1010002. P1010003. P1010005.

    Edited with RX8 pics & spec: Turbonetics T72 Turbo, Custom Turbo Manifolds, RacingBeat Dual Resonated De-Cat Centre Pipe 3" Bore, HKS HI-Power Cat Back with Single 4" Exit & 3" Bore, APEX-I Power FC ECU, Custom Map, Custom CAI, RacingBeat Lite Weight Flywheel, Exedy Stage 2 Clutch, Greddy Front Mount Intercooler, Racing Radiator, Upgraded Fan Shroud, Greddy DumpValve, Tial 60mm External Wastegate, Custom Screamer Pipe, Battery relocated to boot, Fully Wrapped In Orange Sparkle except Roof & Boot Carbon Fibre, Seibon Vented Carbon Fibre Bonnet, Carbon Side Vents From Carbon In Motion, K-Office Eyelids From Carbon In Motion, Wind Deflectors, Black Diamond Front & Rear Brake Disks & Pads, Greddy Front & Rear Strut Braces, 18" OZ Racing Ultraleggera wheels with Eagle F1 tyres

    522f985e911b7_1-001. Tiger_EngineBay-002.JPG 522f195125764_1-003.
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    Welcome along Ian great into .. You are a proper petrol head :Hey:Looking forward to see your bikes and RX8 and Type-V
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    Welcome along.

    Picture's of the RX-8 please. Love those cars.
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    Welcome Ian
    Thats some collection of cars and bikes that you have.
    You must be having lot of fun with all of them.
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    Welcome aboard Ian. Nice toys and lots of project on the go, just what we love to see and hear about :Smile:
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    I've considered doing this exact same thing with my 7th Generation, if you do go ahead, make sure to grab pics for us all. Perhaps if you're feeling adventurous, a lot of our more practical members make their own DIY guides for others in the community.

    I too am quite a fan of the RX-8 (and RX-7 for that matter!)

    Welcome to the club, it's already sounding like you'll fit right in :Thumbup:
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    Guys, thanks, some pics & spec of RX8 added.
    I'll get photos of my Accord up tomorrow.
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    Lovely to see another knowledgeable 6th Generation owner here, welcome :Hey: