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    I've been a member of the forum for a couple of months now, and have found it invaluable for getting hints and tips for our cars. I thought I'd introduce myself and see how many other members were from Northern Ireland

    I own a black 2004 Accord 2.2CDTi, 127k up on the clock and going fantastic. I've owned it for 1 1/2 years and I've been lucky - none of the dreaded problems have hit me (yet!). Great car to drive and so long as its properly serviced I've had no problems with it.

    My wife owns a silver 2006 FR-V , also 2.2CDTi with about 98k. So far no issues with that either, everything seems to be running well and it is such a practical family car.

    Is there many out there from Northern Ireland?

    Good to meet you all,

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    Welcome aboard Craig.

    As you say, proper maintenance, especially regular oil changes and they should both serve you well mate.