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    Sergey NZ
    Hello from New Zealand.
    I had a Holden Zafira as the car I learned to drive in (auto). After that my sister gave me her 97 Accord SiR which was also auto and needed repairs (had to spend $800 on a new ABS module and assembly otherwise I wouldn't pass safety inspection which you have to do in NZ). After working as a pizza delivery guy, made some money and decided to buy a new car. I loved the accord but wanted a manual. After many weeks of searching found an '00 JDM Torneo with only 100k km for a good price. It had low km's and the body was in good condition save for a few tiny dents. Also it was manual which was something I wanted (The first manual car I drove was the Torneo, haha. I had never driven one before but I spent months watching videos on YouTube and learning how a manual transmission worked - so the first time I drove a manual was when I was test driving the Torneo by myself - a very memorable experience) also manual cars are VERY rare in NZ, so it was hard to find something which was manual, a good price, low km's and in good condition. So essentially I sold a 97 Accord SiR with 170k km and lots of repairs needed and bought a manual '00 Torneo with 100k km - which is funny because they are essentially the exact same body style and similar colour even. I like the Torneo because the engine bay is very organised and makes doing simple servicing really easy - I like learning how the car works and also servicing it myself. As a 'first car' I thinks its pretty great actually. I may keep it for a few years and keep learning how to do more complex repairs such as brakes and clutches.

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    Welcome to HK @SKLAD :welcome:
    Please add your Torneo to the Club Garage. We'd love to see some photos of her. If you've got any of the 97 Accord, add that too. We always want more Hondas here!
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    Hello and welcome :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to the club.
    What part of NZ are you from?
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    Welcome @SKLAD, I love the Torneo personally and even considering importing one a little while ago. Would be great to see some shots.
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    Welcome yo Honda Karma @SKLAD :Hey: