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  1. Gill Lane Junior Member ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Gill Lancaster
    Hi folks, I have a 2004 7th Generation Accord Tourer I-CTDI and a 1999 600 Hornet. Love 'em!
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

    England Speedy Birmingham
    Welcome to HK Gill :Hey:

    Would love to see both your Hondas, please do add them to the "Club Garage"

    Have you had any other Hondas in the past or are these two your first ?
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    United Kingdom Ed Wiltshire

    Welcome to HondaKarma.

  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Welcome to HK @Gill Lane. :welcome:
    Please tell us more about your Hondas.
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    Gill Lancaster
    Thanks for the welcome. I'll upload some photos today when I have time. This is our first Honda car, my husband has always bought Fords (Fix Or Repair Daily) and it took a while to make him realise that they're crap! Finally he saw sense and we researched other makes. We reckoned Japanese was the way to go and we looked at Nissans, Mazdas and Hondas. Nissans didn't appeal so really it was between the Mazda 6 and the Accord Exec. We went for the Honda because it looked better, had a massive boot and was affordable. We need a big estate car because we have a dog and we used to go camping so needed space for all the gear, but now we have a small caravan (getting old!). We dragged it down to Devon in Sept and even with a cracked exhaust manifold it towed it no problem. We did 1000 miles that week. The only issue we have with it now is the tailgate. I need to take it to Lancaster Honda & have it assessed, i've tried disconnecting the battery to reset the ECU (didn't work) so i'm hoping it just needs realigning.

    As for my bike, i've had a few Hondas. I started with a CB125S then when I passed my test I got a CB200 which ran & ran & ran, an amazing little bike. Then I picked up a beautiful 500Four, the only bike I ever regret selling! Had a few Suzukis after that (GS550) then I got a Kawasaki 750 Zephyr before coming back to Honda and a rather splendid 600 Hornet. I'm afraid i'm a fair weather rider these days and I don't get out as much as i'd like!
  6. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Good to read that all went well during the Devon trip.
    I remember the CB200 well. Got me up and down to uni. every day.
    Also, there is a dog there you may be interested in.
    General - The Dog Thread
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    England CJ Leeds
    Welcome along Gill and biker nut :Hey: love to see the buzzing hornet
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    Welcome to HK Gill, look forward to seeing pics of your car in our club garage
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    Hello and :welcome:to the club.
    What is the problem with the tailgate as there's a wealth of talent here with masses of knowledge who may be able to help you out.
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    Gill Lancaster
    Hi MickyB, the tailgate.....hmmmm....:tut: thing! It works on the fob (as in opens and closes) but doesn't remain closed. So there is power. When it closes it beeps 3 times then opens again, causing much frustration & having to resort to close it manually which I don't like doing. It used to be an intermittent thing but now it happens every time, and even if you close it manually and it doesn't quite shut, where it used to just neatly pull to, it now beeps 3 times and releases the catch.
    Any help would be appreciated, I've already cleaned sensors and rubbers, removed the boot liner & checked for obstructions etc. I've disconnected the battery and reconnected it to reset the ECU but to no avail. The gas struts offer resistance when I manually lift the tailgate and are quite capable of holding it up so I don't think it's them either. I think it might need realigning (after reading other threads) but i'm not a Honda mechanic so I don't know for certain, it's only me grasping at straws!!
    Thanks :Smile:
    - - - Updated - - -
    Oh yeah, I said I'd put photos in the garage, still haven't got on with it, so busy at the mo. I promise I'll get on with it soon!!
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    I would start a new thread on this in the accord 7th Generation section then people in the know will see it and should be able to help you out Gill.
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    Hello Gill Welcome to HK :welcome::sparta: