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    Hi fellas!
    I'm glad to join this club, as I am a huge honda enthusiast - both motorcycles and cars. I have owned three 3gen Accords (2 saloons and one aerodeck, carbed, pgm-FI'ed), one 2gen hatchback - unfotunately not in road worthy condition.
    Now things have changed for me, i have moved to England and decided to carry on with my passion, i have just bought a 1985 gen2 accord 1,6 hondamatic as these are magnificent piece of engineering that can still compete with modern cars considering reliability and comfort, not to mention oldschool american-ish looks [; I was in love with old hondas since I was a kid and I first saw a car that drove past me with no audible engine sound - that's when my grandpa told me "this is how japaneese build cars, these are gona last forever" [;
    I was a mechanic before I left my country so I can provide with help in some circumstances. I do most of the work on my car myself but I don't have my own garage yet so I find it a bit hard [; As i was an amateur race driver (i drove a 4WD suzuki swift 1,6) i was in touch with other honda owners club overseas, You can have a look if You want, but it's all in foreign language [; it's a huge honda lovers society from my hometown, focusing about 800 members. We used to have monthly meetings, races and other activities together.

    Unfortunately my cherished accord got stolen the very first day after i bought it so i'm looking for some parts to bring it back to order. If You know anyone that might have somthing for 2gen accord please pw me, I might be interested in buying random stuff or even a whole car for spares.

    I hope I can get useful here and find some parts I need [; I'm not a computer geek so i don't write many posts whatsoever but please know i'll read yours a lot ;D
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    Hi & welcome on board- hope you have a good look round the site & find it useful. & user friendly
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    Hey bud welcome to the family :Smile:
    Great to have another member from Northampton :Smile: Guys here know their Honda CJ may know how you can find some parts wait and see the feedback. They are a great bunch here and if we can help a fellow kindred spirit we will :Smile:
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    Thank you for willing to read my essay ;P
    Looking forward to participate in some meeting of yours.
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    Welcome buddy this is the place to be for Honda enthuasists.:Hooray:
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    Hi Bertone! :Wave: Welcome to the club :Wink: