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    My name is Chris i'm 23 from Norwich,Norfolk. Currently own two modified cars (Nissan Micra K11 and a Mazda MX5 Turbo),but in the new year i'll be getting rid of the Micra and looking at getting a sensible diesel.

    Been thinking long and hard and i keep being drawn back to the Accord 7th Generation. Been doing alot of reading on here (think i've now read the whole of the 7th Generation Section!) and although i can see the 2.2 I-CDTI has its problems,they seem far less than the other car i was looking at.

    Not in the position to buy one yet,but thought i'd sign up and gather as much info as i can :Smile:
  2. Hi Chris and welcome.

    There are one or two issues and it's not easy to find a decent second hand one but there are some.
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    Welcome to AOC Chris.

    I think the trick to finding a good diesel is a) to try and find one with lower milage as possible (that alone is not easy) and then b) ensure it has full service history. On time oil changes are crucial for the diesels.
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    Low Mileage would be a big bonus,but i might struggle with that. Full service history is a must,will be looking at oil changes as like you say,their crutial on a diesel. If its around the 70k 1st Generation know thats when the warrenty pretty much ran out for the Manifold. I've got a couple of months yet before i'll start the hunt properly,so far they're miles away from me :Frown:
  5. Would the budget stretch to an early high motorway mile I-DTEC? Members here who drive the 8th Generation say it is a big improvement on the 7th. Motorway miles aren't onerous for a car.
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    Probably not i'm afraid,though because i've seen a few cheaper ones,i think my brain thinks they're all gonna be that kind of price. I don't mind travelling if its gonna be a good one