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    Hello all other AOC members. Just about to purchase my first Honda after an horrific experience with a vauxhall. Taking the plunge with a 2009/09 tourer ex I-DTEC and am fairly excited about it. Anythings I should be aware of upon entering Honda ownership?

    Also, does anyone know if it's possible to retro fit the gt body kit and what likely cost will be?

    Cheers all,

    Andy G (gouldy68)
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    Hi Andy
    glad you have joined up & I am sure you will only have positive experiences with your Honda. When do you get the car
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    This is gonna sound awful, but I've no idea. I'm purchasing through a lease company through my uncles work so I'm getting a pretty good deal on it, but haven't even seen the motor yet. Hoping I won't live to regret the decision!
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    :Hey:gouldy68 and welcome to AOC,

    You will be fine,when you get the car just do all the basic steps.There are countless thread on here which point you in the right direction. If you get stuck just ask.

    As long as all the services have been meet and no silly remaps have been applied you will get guaranteed rock solid reliability.