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    Hello. I bought my first Accord in 1982 and have owned everything from a Civic to a Legend coupe since then, including half a dozen Accords. I bought my first two-wheel Honda in 1966...
    It is now time to retire my beloved 1998 Prelude Vti and buy something more practical - so an Accord beckons yet again. It seems difficult to buy something really special, 2.4 auto saloon, not black, about 2005/6 with low mileage that has been loved. I want to buy in the UK for reasons anyone trying to buy something looked after in France will understand. I don't mind paying top dollar and I'll keep on looking...

    ps: I hoped there would be a section on members' cars for sale but I can't find anything. Have I missed it?
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    Hi mickey and welcome to AOC, good to see Honda is running thru your veins. The sales section does exist which will open as your contribution to the community increase. I will certainly keep any eye out for an auto car for you , if I find anything will post it here.
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    Hi and welcome :Smile:
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    Bonjour Mikey!
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    Hello Mickey and welcome to AOC.
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    Hi Mickey
    Welcome to the family
  7. Hi Mikey and welcome, AutoTrader and Honda UK's used car section are your best bets, the right one will turn up and you'll know it when you see it, although you'll have to look at the history to be sure.