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    Latest car was a premium 3 series, second owner. Faced some 'minor' repairs; timing, diff, big-ends.. Lost confidence. Searched for something reliable, nice to drive, a bit off the masses. Found my Accord at a dealership, warranty and all. Driving around for noabout a month now, and still very pleasantly surprised. This really is a friendly, nice to drive car.
    Hope this lasts longer than my previous wheels..
    Regards, Meindert. honda-accord-7791253-1-640 (1).
    honda-accord-7791253-5-640. honda-accord-7791253-3-640.
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    Hi Meindert, Welcome!!
    I see it's a 2 liter petrol? Same as mine, but mine is less equipped than yours (sat nav....hifi...).
    How do you mean a premium 3 series? You joker. I never encountered a premium BMW at all here in Belgium???
    Now you drive what you're looking for: a comfortable, reliable car.
    Please add it in the garage section, much easier, so we all see what you're driving with every post you make.
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    2.0 indeed. Will post some pictures in garage soon.
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    Hello and welcome to Honda Karma @Meindert :Hey: