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    United Kingdom Dave Liverpool
    Hello chaps, recommended to come her from PH and what a nice forum it seems to be. My Honda association isnt that deep but its memorable MHF 220R SS50 burnt a deep Honda memory in my cortex as did a CB100N whos reg escapes me it was 35 years ago !!!

    Last few cars in newest to oldest are
    Mustang GT V8 rag top, Volvo XC70, Infinity FX50 V8, Merc E500 cabrio V8, Murano, Maserati 3200, BMW 760i, CL500 Merc, GS450h Lexus, SL55 AMG, CLS55 AMG, SL320, Lexus GS430, Nissan 350Z, 730d etc etc

    Anything I can tell anyone about that lot please ask

    SO I fancy a Legend and I have asked a few questions in the correct Legend forum if any gurus are about.
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    Welcome to the club dave from the sunny south coast. :Wink:
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @DSLiverpool :welcome:

    :goodluck: with the Legend hunt. Wonderful cars...:likeit:
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    United Kingdom Dave Liverpool
    Well for now guys I cannot be sure any cars have had the diff oil changed at all, even £10k ones and even the dealers think auto tranny change is the diff in the schedule citing 75k when it's 18k. For now it's on hold but I'm aware they aren't getting any younger !
    Great forum and advice!
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    Now that you are an active member please note that you are eligible to vote for the Honda of the Month and other awards to members
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @DSLiverpool :Hey:

    How's the hunt for a Legend going ?