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    Hello There,

    I've always been a fan of Honda. To me they are a true engineering company, one willing to innovate to get ahead. I've come close to buying one in the past (Civic) but it's only now that I've actually bought one. A mate was selling his 7th Generation I-CTDI Tourer for peanuts and I thought I'd take a punt. Big, reliable, lots of toys and plenty comfortable, it looked just the job. Now, this mate has had it serviced once a year for 9 years with Honda but he's not exactly looked after the car. Like most people I guess he used it as a point A to B machine. I'm a bit more particular. I like things to be 'just right', so there are a few things I'm hoping I can get sorted with the advice of the forum.

    Anyway, enough waffle I'm off to look round the site :Smile:


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    Hello Sim and welcome :Hey:
    Hope your tourer serves you well.
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    Hi Sim welcome to the site from just up the road in Donny
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    England Speedy Birmingham
    Hi Sim, Welcome to AOC.
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    Welcome along
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    Welcome Sim. Where in West Yorks?
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    Thanks all! Paul, I'm just outside Hebden Bridge, so not far from you at all.