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    Hey folks its the new guy here just sayin hello
    Have a Calibra at the minute but looking to be getting Accord before xmas so thouhght id join for some advice before i find the one im after(actually found it already!) Just need advice.
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    Welcome to AOC, TA78 :Hey:

    What sort Accord are you after ? Which generation ? Petrol or Diesel ?
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    Hey man glad to be here!! Its on gumtree belfst if you can look it up its the only white one on it with AMG19s thi k its '04 '05. I want on that shape must be white must have kit lol. Tho it seems a bit pricey but if you get a look mate let me know the good and bad if you will.
    Sorry for my misspelling im using galaxy s3 oh and by the way im gona be psv'n it to work on the weekends
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