Introductions Hello I'm new here too and need Help!!

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    I bought a Accord 2004 I-CTDI off my workmate 2 months ago. Best car I've every owned brilliant. It has a few of the
    common faults that need repairing ie tailgate dampers etc but it has 130,000 on the clock so I knew there would be a few things i need to sort. Anyway coming home from Plymouth 2 weeks ago 35 mile from home the oil warning light came on!! I ended up doing a couple of miles before managing to pullover safetly.
    AA guy couldn't find anything, it was alittle noisier at top end than normal+ bottom end quite + plenty oil on dipstick.
    After neighbours seen me + kids arrive home on back of a AA double cab (2nd time thats happened different car) I found loads of oil underneath drivers side of car front to back. Found a small hole in sump where I presume oil pump
    to be and guess oil pump chain has snapped causing hole + loss of pressure.
    I've started stripping it down and will soon have the sump off, hopefully there's not too much damage. Iwas wondering
    if anyone has any knowledge on setting timing chain setup procedures as I've found out its virtually impossible to buy a manual I will appreciate any help or advice i can get Thanks
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    Hi mate and welcome, sorry I can't help with that one but plenty of people on here that could point you in the right direction. Give it a little time and you should get some replies that will help. Timing chain is not a job I would attempt, your a brave guy. Sump and stuff should be easy to get hold of though. There is a guy breaking a diesel tourer in Northampton, I put his details in the for sale section so if you need odd bits he is your man.. He is just off Bedford Road Northampton end..

    Good luck mate if you think I can help in anyway with your woes drop me a pm I can't be that far from you..
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    Welcome Bear and good luck with the work. As PC says, the guys will help you out.
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    Thanks for the mess mate, sorry its taken me a while to reply as lve always got a lot on. I read your profile and similar to me.I had a few bikes RD350, KH500, Z1B 900, Gpz 550, Guzzi California, Marauder 850 and at present a Bandit 650 SA K8.
    I've managed to get the sump off and as I suspected the oil pump chain had snapped. Im in process of replacing timing chain also.
    The engine looks Ok bores look perfect + still had oil oozing out of the big ends with side to side movement + small amount of up/ down movement. Going to have to take a chance if after I fix it and it goes bang l will
    have to get another engine. Bear
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    Yep stuff in common here :Smile:

    I had a 350YPVS a GPZ 550 750 Turbo and a 900R also had a Cali ! small old world pal..

    New engine :Aghast: not the simplest thing to drop in but if you have the kit ... Not a job I would do myself at home but then Im stunk with just the drive as garage full of kids stuff, wife and kids took over long time ago:Sobbing: