Introductions Hello - new to this website though not to Honda. Fog light change question

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    Hi all

    Came across your website searching for an updated SatNav DVD and joined as there are some really useful discussions going on. I have owned a number of Honda cars over the past 14 years and currently have a 2008 Accord ES GT (Diesel).

    Has anyone successful replaced a front fog light without having to remove the bumper and splitter trim ?

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    Hi and welcome Nutty,

    If you look in the owners handbook, the fog lamp bulb change procedure, it might be possible through the hole it shows you how to open up.

    the fogs are screwed to the bumper trim by 2 screws, but hard to undo it you can't see the back.

    TBH the bumper is fairly quick to remove, slam panel trim, 12 or so clips underneath, then it all unclips around the lights and wings, might end up being quicker..

    There is a guide in the 8th Generation section.

    Also you can get new fogs for £30 on ebay.

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    Bumper removal guide here:
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    Hi NuttyH, welcome to AOC.

    Post some pics up of your car. Better still add them to your Garage, we do a Car of the Month award from the pics added to members Garages.
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    Hi Thanks for the link..... I did go through the Owners Handbook and followed the instructions but found there were too many "ledges" around the splitter/bumper trim preventing the access flap from coming down (I did not want to force it a break something else. Also found the low ground clearance an issue too.)

    Anyway, have got the images showing how to dismantle should it I need to do replace a Fog Light again. Thanks!
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    Thanks - just took some quick photos few days ago and just uploaded ..