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    HI, Thought I would join today as I have been a Honda Owner for over 14 years, first with an Accord and now with the FR-V which I have had for 5 years.
    It’s the 2.2 VTEC model and its been great up until now and has 90,000 miles on clock!

    I am in the right place to ask if anyone has had this issue?

    My Honda was in for back brakes and discs and on the advisory print out the front suspension ball joint dust cover was leaking, £12 for the part but £126 each side for the labour. Seemed a bit steep so I went to a mechanic I knew and who had been recommended.

    When he started the work it became clear that the actual ball joints themselves needed replacing they were rusted and had too much play in them, why Honda did not spot this I don’t know.
    Anyway you can’t get ball joints you have to get the whole piece with knuckle assembly, the local dealer was not to helpful, I think they were peeved I had taken the car to someone else.

    Anyway they told me I needed the knuckle joints and they cost just under £400 pound with the VAT and had to come from Belgium, the mechanic had tried everywhere but this particular part is only available from Honda. So far my car has been off the road for a week and the parts arrived, WHAT THEY DID NOT TELL ME OR THE MECHANIC was that these parts are useless without the bearing assembly that you have to buy as well. So now the mechanic has had to order these as well for another £200 quid!

    Really unhappy with the way Honda have behaved on this and my love affair is definitely over.

    Anyone else been through this with front suspension on an FR-V?
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    Hello and welcome , Sorry no one had bothered to say Hi for such a long time!

    can't say lot of why the dealer did not advise of the issue it could be down to human error.