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    Thought that I should introduce myself as I have now joined the Honda Fraternity. Recently purchased a 2006 2.2 cdti Tourer with 66K on the clock and with a full Honda Dealer Service History, I am very pleased with it and it is living up to my expectations.
    About me, I an an aircraft engineer, so i recognise the value of quality engineering. I am currently living in Fife having moved here with my work.

  2. Hi and welcome to AOC.

    Great to hear it's going well with your car...and that you're appreciating the Honda quality.
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    England CJ Leeds
    Hello and welcome to AOC :Hey:, you must have know Drew he was up at Montrose , even he is a RAF aircraft engineer. Last I heard he wanted to go to Iraq.

    Drew had a sweet 2.0 CL7, I wonder where he is now.
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    Welcome on board! My accord is like being in an aircraft withall the mod cons c has installed ! Lol
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    Hello and welcome to AOC. I applied to joint eh RAF to become an Aircraft Electrical Engineer but found the Police instead!