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    First, Happy new year to all and lots of pleasure with your Honda's.
    Discovered this forum since a little while now but never had the opportunity posting some comments.
    For the beginning of this new year, i decided to introduce myself now, Please, be indulgent because the English language is not my mothertongue, of course feel free to correct me when necessary.

    I'm a very happy owner of a Reddish Grey Lake Shore Silver KB1 2008 Millésime and since this date it's just pure pleasure piloting this vessel.
    I'm driving Honda's since 1983. My first was a 1983 Civic S, then a 1992 Ee8 CR-X, then a 2000 Prelude 4WS, then a 2004 HR-V we're almost using every days and a 2006 Civic Type-S and then the 2008 KB1, "my Geisha" as i call her.
    The KB1 is purely an extraordinary car, the perf are just amazing, once you know how to piloting her and, which makes it even better, troubles free...
    7 years now and no problem at all, of course the maintenance schedule is followed scupulously but it commands respect anyway, THANKS Mr HONDA.
    Looking forward reading you Gents.
    Drive Safely,
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    Hi dijon ,, welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Hello Dijon and Welcome to HK! Legends are fantastic vehicles and its amazing to know that you have owned yours for 7 years!! wow..
    Do pop you car into the club garage when you get a chance
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