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    I've just bought a 2005 honda accord 2.2 and lucky for me its got all the classic faults non working tailgate , sat nav works when it feels like it , an odd rumble between 50 and 60 mph so your help in these matters would be greatly appreciated cheers jake
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    you dummy what have you bought a car with all those faults for ?
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    Hey Jake, welcome to the club. Yeah, they sound like the common pitfalls alright, luckily all your issues are well-documented on the forum with known fixes :Smile: Hopefully you'll be able to get stuck-in without too many costs involved!

    I just brought a shed of a Accord Type-R, and literally went ticking every box when it came to the common problems. Honda's fair well in general, but each one has it's own little pitfalls like any other car.
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