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    Hi, ,is there anyone that can point me in the right direction please? I have recently bought an Accord 2.2 cdti tourer 54 reg and I think it is the most fantastic car I have ever owned,but there is a problem that I cannot understand. When braking at speeds above 40 mph there is a terrific wobble through the steering wheel, the higher the speed the worse the wobble, it also seems worse as the brakes are used more. There is no wobble below 40 mph. All joints under the car have been checked and all ok. If this is a bent disc surely the wobble would happen at all speeds? Any ideas would be welcome,thanks
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    If it only happens when braking that seems indicative...the brake discs can be checked for warping using a run-out gauge which removes the guesswork.
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    welcome to the site!. get the brake disc run out checked by a good garage, who checked the suspention? did they drive the car and experiance the fault?. all fingers are pointing towards the discs from what you describe as braking forces differ at certain speeds. like a wheel bearing noise may only occur between 40 and 50mph lets say, the same can be true with a warped disc. generaly the more forcefull the braking the worse it is. get the discs checked buddy!
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    Trust me, I had 2 used cars before same problems. Disk brakes are worn uneven so resurfacing is needed and new fronds brake pads! Second if steering is vibrating strongly above 60 you need tire balance or new tires if they are worn out.
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    Hi Impressed welcome to the AOC family, they guys have already given you some pointers if the discs are warped and if they have sufficient meat on it they can be skimmed on the car to a even surface. All Honda dealer have this device and they even fixed the disc on my first gen Accord !!
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    Thanks ,to you all for the rapid responses. It seems that I need to have the discs checked, I will let you know the outcome. What a great site this is!
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    That's what we're here for! Glad you're finding it useful. Please keep checking in and let us know how you go on.
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    Hello and welcome Impressed
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    Hello and Welcome to the club:Grin:
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    Thanks to all respondents, what seemed like a serious problem was cured by new front discs and pads. I shall be watching out for more info in future.cheers
  11. Glad to be of help, that's great, a nice easy fix, replacing parts that would need changing sooner or later anyway.

    It's great to hear what you think of the Accord, most fantastic car you've ever owned, that's the passion for this car we have on AOC.

    If you look round the forum you'll see there are certain known issues with the 7th Generation diesel, but there are some simple steps you can take to greatly reduce the chances of encountering certain problems, such as

    0W 30 oil and oil filter changes every 6k miles not 12.5k
    regular fuel filter changes
    using genuine Honda filters
    go gentle on the engine until it is fully warmed up
    let it tick over a bit before switching off to let the turbo slow down

    Enjoy the car :Wink:
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    Good advice from Cliff and glad the new brakes sorted your wobble. A friend of mine had exactly the same and his was cured with new stopping fodder as well.
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    Welcome along glad you got your car sorted :Smile: