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    hi guys and girls, im David from Ireland ,i was fortunate enough to buy a nice accord this week, its a 2004 2.0 saloon (executive model) with 60k on the clock and a full honda service history , keeping things in proper working order is important to me so i browsed around and found this site and was hoping i could get some advice off ye , its due a service in 1k but i am going to get it done this week coming, in light of reading here that the oil is better off changed more regularly than the official service honda advise , there is just a few things i need to know ,

    1: Do i need to specify to the dealer what oil i want in it, or will he know whats best?
    2: Is there anything else i can get changed along with the standard service to ensure the longevity of the engine and parts , e.g (does coolant or brake fluid or anything need or could do with a changing? )
    3: How often should i get it serviced after this , from reading here i gather changing the oil every 6k is best, but do i also need to get the whole car serviced at 6k, or just change the oil every 6k and service the rest as normal?

    apologies if i left out any details , im just finished a night shift and my brain is barely working :Grin:
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    Hi David,

    Welcome to AOC and you purchase of your new Accord, if you car has been serviced according to Honda schedules then due to elapsed time and the current mileage, your car service scheduled should be the 100 mile service or 8 years.

    The following will need doing.

    Air filter
    pollen filter
    oil and
    oil filter
    spark plugs
    coolant change
    Valve clearances check , check valve cover gasket for degradation.
    you can change brake fluid now if required .

    For total peace of mind
    air con check as the pollen filter is being changed you can use an aircon bomb to keep things clean
    all round brakes strip and lubricate.
    check aux belt for wear

    Get the car serviced every year or 12500 miles which every comes first.I would recommend changing the oil every 6K miles or 6 months. You can do it yourself there is a b brilliant guide here.

    oil- use anything from 0w-20 , 0w-30 or 5w-40 we have a trader here called lubetech you can buy 20 litres of engine oil and spread the cost of oil , alternatively use the excellent Honda genuine Engine oils however you don't get the economies of scale whilst buying in bulk.

    Anymore question just ask or search within the 7th Generation section.
  3. Hi David and welcome.

    The only other thing I'd add to what CJ has said is that on AOC we recommend using Honda filters as our view is they are a lot better than aftermarket.
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    thanks alot for the speedy and informative reply, i appreciate it :Smile: