Introductions Hello to all.

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    Hi the name is Mike

    I work near Heathrow as a Air Crew traffic controller. The job is very stressful so I like to work on my car and fly scale model aircraft (most of them have eighty inch wings spans)

    Finally got my self a 6th Generation Honda Accord 2.0i VTEC se. I have wanted one for sometime and thought the car would be a good project. One came up for sale at work and on first looks the car looked good. Brought the car and have been using for the last six months. MOT is due soon so I have been doing a few things to it.

    Things that need doing are the exhaust, front antiroll bar has play in it, rear bumper support bar and the brakes need replacing.

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    Welcome to AOC Mike.

    Post some pics of your car.

    We like following DIY adventures, keep us posted with what your upto (with pictures of course) :Smile:

    If you can write some DIY guides whilst your at it, we have a monthly DIY guide award as well :Thumbup:
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    Welcome along Mike, I bet you enjoy your job up in the tower? we lover DIYers if you need help with anything search for it and if you can't find it the info will be made available. :Wink:

    Get some pictures up as and when you can also the model aircraft:Hooray: more interested in that .. did I hear someone say fathers days around the corner.? :Devil:
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    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I will get some photos of the planes up when I get a few moments.