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    I've just bought my first Honda, it's a used HR-V and its the smoothest and best runner I've had yet. Think my next car will be a Honda. I've already found some helpful info on this forum and thanks for that.
    However I am having difficulties with installing a new sterio. There was already an after market sterio installed but it was faulty, the unit lights up but because the connecters do the face have been damaged the details on the screen are jumbled. I say this because my new sterio (which halfords tested and showed me working) will not work what so ever. I have swapped the red and yellow wires around as suggested with some cars and have replaced the fuse under the dash board.

    I'm really lost and would be greatful if anyone Here could help me out. I'm a musician and I Need music in my car hehe.

    I'll find the appropriate place to post this in the forum also.

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    It's a 2001 HR-V, can't find how to edit OP.
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    Welcome @JimmyJames to THE club for all things Honda! I know some of the sound/nav/radio guys here will be along to assist you. That's one thing I find great about this club - someone will always have the knowledge to help.
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    Hi @Zoot, thanks for the welcome.
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    Welcome to the site, new myself but so far nobody seems to bite :Grin:
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    Welcome to the forum :Thumbup:
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    welcome to the forum :Smile:
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    Welcome to the forum @JimmyJames

    How have you wired the headunit in ? Did you use and ISO adaptor harness ? Or have you cut/spliced into the wiring ?
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    Thanks for all the welcomes :Smile:
    I didn't need to wire, cut or splice anything as The ISO harness is already installed and will power the previous but faulty sterio.
    I have tried everything I can think of and with the limited knowledge I Don't have a amp meter to test the voltage but as the old sterio powers on (only for 5 seconds) I'm assuming that it's getting the right power.
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    Hi and welcome to the club.
    I'm a fellow HR-V owner and I fitted my own stereo some years ago with no problem.
    Does your new unit have a reset button on it as this might work.
    Daft question this one but have you switched it on(sorry) don't mean to insult you but sometimes there are funny ways to switch these things on and off. I have to hold my off button for a number of seconds before it switches off, is there anything in the manual to tell you this.
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    I will try the reset button, i didnt see one in the manual though. No worries its a perfectly good question :Smile: and yes i have switched it on. The manual says hold either the power off button or SRC.

    I have inspected all the wires and harness coming from the car and i can't see any damage or lose connections. I have changed the fuse in the car from a 15 amp to 10amp as the old sterio was 15 and this new one is 10, still no difference. From my limited knowledge the only thing i can think it could be is the ground? But i could really benefit from a wire diagram. I have downloaded some diagrams from this forum already but they are only 1 or 2 pages and i need to learn from scratch where to look. @MickyB what was the make of your new stereo if you don't mind me asking?
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    It's a Sony with a multi play cd changer.
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