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  1. My name is Helmuts.And my Accord 2.0 VTEC SE Executive
    . 20120713_155414.

    Today just sorted out the problems with primary and secondary oxygen sensors, CEL gone, Happy now.
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    Hi and welcome to AOC:Hey:
    Nice looking Accord you got there.
  3. Thanks, step by step try to upgrade my Honda. Did already - 18 inches alloys, fully working Bose sound system (subwoofer incl). Racing exhaust manifold & flexible downpipe, Removed cat converter, , new stainless steel back box etc
    To do soon - lowering springs, tinted windows, front and rear bumber splitters (ATR)... and till perfect car what I would like . Maybe turbo kit for F20B6 :Blink:
    One sunny day will check for more pictures :Smile:
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    Welcome to AOC you got a sweet looking car there.:GoodJob: