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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a bit of a Honda enthusiast having owned a 1.4 5 door Civic, a 1.8 vti aerodeck, CL9 Type-S and more recently an 02 reg Accord Type-R and am now on my 5th a 2011 CR-V I-DTEC. Bit gutted having sold my ATR but needs must as just became a father again for the 3rd time so needs must and all that. Really miss the driving experience it offered but we all have to grow up one day!

    Initial impressions on the CR-V are how comfortable and spacious it is, seems to have far more room than a FR-V I looked at. Drives really well on the motorway and not too bad on other roads. It doesn't roll as much as I initially feared and the diesel seems to pull well enough, although I do much prefer the way a NA petrol responds, however for a diesel it's fairly well refined.

    I'm hoping to learn more about CR-Vs and more than happy to pass on any knowledge on cars I've owned in the past.

    P.S- I appreciate the CR-V isn't a sports car but has anyone had an uprated rear anti roll bar fitted to tighten up the handling up a bit?
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    Hi , and welcome to the forum :Smile:

    If you get a chance stick some pics up so we can have a look. . Past and present.
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    Welcome to Honda Karma @Kash :Hey:

    Nice Honda history you have :clap: Would love to see them all in the Club Garage.

    Regarding your anti roll bar question, I don't have an answer but maybe someone else will.
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    Welcome to HondaKarma @Kash :welcome:

    Good choice on the CR-V, get some pictures up and :garage:

    Great avatar as well by the way :gohonda:
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    Welcome Kash!
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