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    Hi Guys,
    I am new to the AOC and am here for one reason at the moment. I'm looking to upgrade my Ford Focus hatchback to an estate car due to an increase in family size (1 child to 2, due in November) and I can't get a baby seat behind my drivers seat when I'm comfortable in the Focus. I was looking at Vectras and Mondeos when the wife, bless her, suggested a higher miler Accord Tourer.

    So I am here to get a lowdown on any pure tail issues, pitfalls and problems.

    We have about 4k to spend and are looking at part exing the Focus. Obviously with these figures in mind I will be looking at diesel tourers of 7th Generation circa 100 to 120k miles.

    Any info accepted. I understand there are bad cars from all makers but lets see what comes up.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Chris and welcome to AOC
    Have a look in 7th Generation section for common problems etc.
    What's your annual mileage going to be? Maybe a petrol would be better option, you will get more for your money with petrol.
    Possibly younger car with less miles etc.
    Good luck in your search.