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    Hi Folks.
    I need some help and advice!

    I have owned a beautiful low mileage (55k) 2001 Accord Sport since May. It is my first Honda and I must admit I am impressed. A twelve year old car that is like new! However, I have had a change of circumstance which means I need a larger vehicle for work, so I am going to have to sell my Accord, and can't decide on what to replace it with.

    After the positive experience with the Accord, I want to stick with Honda, but can't decide whether an Accord Tourer is the way to go or something like a CR-V. I need good load space but will also be in and out of vehicle quite a bit, so don't want to be low, as in the Accord Sport. What are your experiences?

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    Hallo bud,

    You have a good dilemma depending on your budget I would try out both cars and see which one CR-V or Tourer works for you.
    Take the whole family out and see what they say.

    Both are good in petrol trim.
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    For me I would go with an accord tourer you can carry masses of stuff jack the seat up a little to help with the in out bit. I also like the CR-V not to keen on the looks of the older crop but love the style of the new ones.. Would still go accord though.