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    Stuart Staffordshire
    Hello folks

    I have worked at Honda for several years and two years ago I became a self employed Honda specialist, so I should be of some use to someone:Messed: I have owned several Hondas in my time and my current ones are 2004 2.4 EX & 2001 Type-X 3L V6, yes I’m on other forums and I must confess this place won’t be where my main activity lies unfortunately, well I’m a busy chap:Whistle:

    Despite this I’m here as an individual in a supportive capacity and I’m not shallow enough to poach members on behalf another forum or advertise my business or services, as life is two short and also I don’t wish to complicate things. Anyway we all have something great in common the Honda Accord.
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    England CJ Leeds
    Hello Stuart,

    Welcome to AOC good to see you here, let the past be the past.:Wink:
  3. Hello and welcome, and thanks for the offer of help, which is much appreciated.
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    Stuart Staffordshire
    I see you found my google profile or something else that gave me away lol, well I have nothing to hide from very much the opposite as you know :Whistle: Also it's a great forum keep up the good work :Smile:
  5. Oil's well that ends well eh Stuart :Wink:
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    welcome along, I'm sure your be a big help in the future.