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    I've recently bought a 4th generation CR-V. Absolutely love the car, but I can't seem to get a straight answer from Honda dealers on whether I can use a door-mounted bike carrier on it (to carry up to 4 bikes). If so, then which type? If not, then do I need to have a tow bar fitted? If so, then what type of carrier would work with a detachable tow bar?

    Can anyone out there help???

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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    I have a 4th Generation CR-V and carry my bikes on a Honda detachable towbar using a Pendle Wheel Support rack. Not cheap, but utterly bomb proof and reliable.
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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    Did you consider putting 2 bikes on the roof and 2 on a towing hook?
    Looks most safe way to me.
    Other alternative: a small trailer, adapted for bike transport. Might be (much) cheaper, easier and safer than carrying 4 bikes on the rear of your car.

    I don't think there's any 'official' Honda approved way of carrying 4 bikes carried only by the rear door or even do this on a towing hook. That might be the reason why they don't give a straight answer. Who will be responsible for damage on the car? If the dealer said it's ok, I'm sure you will knock on his door.
    A friend of mine once carried 2 bikes on a BMW 5-series saloon trunkdoor... trunk door got bent.
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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    Wouldn't bother putting any on the roof.. It has a big impact on MPG and leaves the bikes (and your roof!) vulnerable to car park barriers etc if you aren't paying attention! The Honda detachable towbar has a 'nose' limit of 100kg which should be far more than 4 bikes and a rack. I'm driving to Italy with mine on the back in a few weeks, no worries at all.
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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    Thanks. Yes, keen to avoid anything on the roof. One reason for buying the CR-V was to replace a Mazda 3 with inadequate boot space which meant I had to keep roof bars/box on all the time ... If I had a tenner for every time I had to swerve at the last minute to avoid a car park height restriction then I'd just about be able to pay the extra cost of the CR-V :Smile:.
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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    Have you a link for the type of carrier and perhaps some pictures of its fitted?
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    Re: Help - 4th generation CR-V bike carriers???

    That link is Fine though I guess some would like to see it with the CR-V backdrop.

    Ticks one of the boxes for moving to a softroader.

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    Has there been any progress on this? Like an increasing number of CR-V owners I tow a caravan and can't use a tow bar mounted carrier on my removeable bosal tow bar. Also being vertically challenged means putting them on the roof would be fun for others watching but not me!
    It looks as if the 'Bones' make of carriers have one that would fit on the rear door with the the use of an adaptation they have instead of the clips at the end of the straps.
    Is there anyone out there who has got past this problem? Many thanks. Screenshot_2015-06-02-18-56-48.