Engine & Gearbox help f20b6 engine rattle

Discussion in '6th Generation (1997-2002)' started by sfrs4, Sunday 4th Nov, 2012.

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    Hi sorry the first post but, I drove home friday night all of 2miles, no noise's warning lights nothing untowards, wake up sat morning go to start the car, it sound's like someone dropped a box of bolts in the cam belt end of the engine bay, no warning lighs on so turned it of went in the house and punched the door, been to work and have been trawling the net for a conclusive answer, came accross this site with some people who know what the're on about, so thought i'd ask for help........HELP.
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    Sounds are hard to diagnose on a forum, they really need to be listened to.

    It could be as simple as an exhaust shield rattling or could be a much bigger issue.

    I wouldn't drive it too much until you know what the issue is though. You could post a youtube vid for us to have a look at.

    Try and work out where abouts the noise is originating from.
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    Well i am confused and pleased! i left the car alone till wed night when my local mechanic came round to have a listen, when i started the car there wasnt a single noise (other than the running engine) ran spot on, took it out for a thrash round, nothing runs like a dream, so a big thank you to the car fairys for there hard work

    The origional noise was the same as listening to a slack chain slapping about in a cover, and was from the cam belt cover area, i really am confused as to how it can magically appear and dissapear, my one thought was i put some cheap oil in the other day as an intermediate solution and i think it was thicker than would normally be in there, that combined with a very cold night, are there any hydralic ajusters tensioners that use engine oil and it could of just been to thick???