General HELP-Four digit security code for bluetooth?

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    Hi all, I have just purchased a 2006 accord ex, the car has both sat nav and Bluetooth, the problem I am getting is that when I try to pair my phone with the cars Bluetooth, the system is saying that it is locked? I have tried all the normal codes i.e 1234, 9999 0000 etc, but no joy. the independent dealer I purchased the car from can't help and I don't have the previous owners number to call. I am thinking my only option is to go to a Honda dealer and see if they will tell me the code or reset the system, any other suggestions or is this the only way?
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    Hi marco, unfortunatly your vehicle will need to go to the dealer (or someone with HDS). The passcode needs to be reset and this is only possible with Honda diagnostic equipment.
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    i have a 56 accord ex with sat nav how would i know if i had bluetooth fitted ?
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    Steering wheel HFT button if your is a 56 it could be preface lift they had a Bluetooth accessory not factory fitted on sat Nav cars.